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Pentateuch represent deep roots reggae to the
utmost while crossing boundaries into world
music and the timeless nature of music’s most
popular songs. The lead singer and founder of
the band is Kevor “Reuben” Williams. Brady
“Jah Bradez” Robinson is the co-lead of the
band plays drums .The question of why these two
young men chose Pentateuch is answered when
you listen to their music. Pentateuch brings back
the soul of reggae in a refreshing article and
authentic rasta reasoning. Formed in 2009 while
studying at the Edna Manley College of the Visual
and Performing Arts, the duo recruited three
additional members to form a quintet who made
their debut outside the College at “Bands
Incorporated” an event in Kingston which
showcased live bands every week.

During this period, Kevor and Brady consciously
decided that music will continue to be their mantra
and keep the trod with socially conscious and
uplifting lyrics. The duo wants their music to be a
catalyst for peace, love and unity across the
world. Their hits “Kingston” and “Black Face”
get audience rocking and jumping up and down in
rasta frenzy when sung or played. The message
of proud and black in “Black Face” resonates in
Kingston town and across the world as globally
people struggle with perceptions of beauty.
“Kingston” is a song that creates a cinematic
storyline of real life in reggae’s capital city.

The band also released the single “Pressure” a
deep roots track and accompanying video with
its Jazz-influenced intro and lyrics that address
the needs of the poor and disenfranchised with
an infectious chorus over a richly layered
arrangement of organ, guitar, strings, and
harmonies. The quiet acoustic vibe of
CHAPTER V the band’s latest “unplugged” EP
release leaves fans wanting to hear more from
Pentateuch in the live setting.

The group released a 14 song set entitled:
THE GENESIS in late 2012 to critical acclaim.
United Reggae proclaimed it to be “full of
militant and spiritual messages but the band is
also showing a very listenable approach with
some pop sounds here and there in order to
spread their issues to a wider audience. Their
fresh sound is connected to the foundation
through echoes of Rico Rodriguez and Bunny
Wailer but the results are highly original.”

The topics addressed in the lyrics range from
concerns of post-colonial Africa in “Struggles of
Africa” and the incidence of cancer in a song
written to uplift survivors, “Cancer Survivor” and
“Time Bomb” a ballad that laments the issues of
our troubled world.

Pentateuch performance history highlights:
2015 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
2014 Rebel Salute, Jamaica
2013 Chiemsee Festival, Germany
2013 Reggae Geel, Belgium
2013 Reggaelowski Festival, Poland

Live performance footage clips:
SNWMF-“Pressure” & “Kingston”
Jus Bus TV, Jamaica - “Pressure” acoustic
Reggae Geel - “Kingston” live full band
Reggaelowski - “Black Face” live full band
Reggaelowski - “Struggles of Africa”

Social Media channels:
Facebook: Pentateuch Band
Twitter: @pentateuchband
Instagram: @pentateuchofficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pentateuch
You Tube: Pentateuch Movement
website: pentateuchmovement.com

Contacts: pentateuchband@gmail.com
Media relations & bookings: Justine Ketola
(323)251-0542 (US)

Please contact us at Jack Russell Music if you would like to use any of Pentateuch’s compositions for film, television, electronic media or covers.