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Lynbert Madden popularly known as Medena is a positive artiste, who was born at White marl, St .Catherine in the year 1988, 12 September, in the storm Gilbert. He was raised up in Limtree district where he almost perish with flames of fire seven months after he was born.

Medena lives with his mother “Martha Elizabeth Carr”. His father Horace Madden wasn’t there a hundred percent for him. Medena has two (2) brothers, five (5) sisters and one dependent called Median Omario Madden.

The last school he attended was Excelsior high school where he achieved two (2) cxc Subjects: Principles of Business and integrated science.

Medena is a positive star player who is hardworking and persistent in his music.

Medena first start singing at church at the tender age of 12 years old then he has decided to take his music career serious at the age of 17.

Medena is inspired by: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnet Silk and Jacob Miller and others

Medena first start recording for a producer by the name of Shirmoler Allen popular known as Ilabash with a label called Imperial Production where he does singles like: “stars in the sky, recruit di youth dem, fire to dem soul, all nights it’s all right and others. In the year 2008-2010 Medena also did singles like: “Hungrydays, Hustling struggling, Food ina mi pot, Hungry till mi belly a ball, No pick it up, Shake it, pre dis and more, for the same production (Imperial Prod).

Medena also does a lot of shows, the first one he did was at the (UWI)Mona campus, Irvine hall which present culturerama,16 April 2008 featuring artiste like: Aidonia , Iyahslice,I Octane and many more.

The second show he did was at SantaBarbar Lawn, St Thomas, 21 march 2009 featuring artist like: I Wayne and the Lava grong massive, Natural blacks, Terbulence and many more.

Medena even did a show at halfway tree, limelight called jubilee hospital Anniversary 24 April, 2010 featuring artiste like: Buru Banton, Hawkeye, Sizzla, Natural Blacks and more.

The next show Medena did was Sugar Minnot’s earth strong, which was May 25 2011 with Sterograph featuring artist like: Jose wales, Charley Chaplin, Carl Dawkings, General Trees and more.

Medena did show also at the Twelve tribe headquarter at hope road St. Andrew 23 July 2011 called kingselassi earth strong. 

Medena did some work with a producer called conroy richardson who owns a label called Mouso Records 2011, where Medena did a single “Di youths dem hungry” and still  doing a lot of work.                                                                                                       Medena even did some work with Song Embassy from Tavern community along with Mello mood from France destined for greatness where I did songs like “runcome, Mama Africa, who seh Jah naw live an many more”                                                                 In 2012 Medena currently start working with karim Thompson popularly known as Dj Karim who also produces songs like “Man a star featuring Gyptian,As your work, Verteous woman, naw trust dem, choose your friend, dem too greedy an others.


The last show I did was in February  20 called Juba Lion an Friends  at papine high school featuring artist like “Royal black,Dexta Malawi, Iyah Blaze,Crutial, Rasta Kura and others” doing a lot more projects destined for greatness. Medena is current working on his own label called "Gyang lian music" in 2018 which will introduce a collection of artiste in the future. havent release any songs with this label as yet. So look out for lots of work from this label soon.

Please contact us at Jack Russell Music if you would like to use any of Medena’s compositions for film, television, electronic media or covers.