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Romario (Maro) Weir

Artist Name: Di-Ruption

Singer/ SingJay

Type of Music: Reggae/Dancehall/Soul

Romario Weir is the name that his parents
gave to him but he has adopted the
moniker Di Ruption. He is recognized
widely as a Jamaican singer & songwriter
who employ a unique musical style in all of
his deliveries.
Early Years
Born in St Thomas the young prodigy
attended the Morant Bay Prepartory and
Paradise Prepartory. He then moved on to
Seaforth High School then later Morant Bay
High school. It was during his tenure at
school that he was first introduced to
music and got his first taste of performing.
There he would beat the desks and dj while
his peers cheered him on.
From very early he knew that he wanted to
pursue a career in music but he wanted his
contributions to be groundbreaking and
unique. So he set off on a journey to hone
his musical talents.
He started off singing in the choir at church and at school. His love for singing grew deeper
and further helped to boost his confidence making his stage performances more enhanced.
Continuing this practice throughout his teen, it’s no wonder he was able to perfect his skills
and become the powerhouse that he is today.

Di Ruption has a production deal with Elite Generation Records, which is owned by Roje
Williams and operated and managed by Manager Davila.
Since his induction in the music business, he has released quite a number of songs that
have been widely received. His first single "Trodding Alone” was released on iTunes in
early April, and has been very well received so far. Walshy Fire from Major Lazer are
rconized for their Billboard Music Awards, NRJ Music Awards and American Music Awards
Nominated production has completed a new project which will be release by the end of fall of
2017. July 2017 Redstripe selected Di Ruption for the Big Buss live audition and won 3rd
place out of 30 cultural artist.
In august and September of 2017 went on a road trip with Jenny Jenny from Hitz FM
sponsored by Charles Chocolates Dancin Dynamites road show and performed across the
island to Port Maria, Portland, St Thomas, St Mary, Falmouth, Montego Bay, Lucea and St
Elizabeth and performed at Smile Jamaica host show TVJ at Emancipation Park
September 1st, 2017.
Di Ruption is also in the process of releasing his EP which is currently being organised by
the label.
Di Ruption is on his way to steadily building a name

Please contact us at Jack Russell Music if you would like to use any of Di-Ruptionテつ’s compositions for film, television, electronic media or covers.