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Jack Russell Music - a new standard in contemporary music publishing
The company has a fresh and flexible style, providing a range of high quality songwriter services, responding to the needs of today’s writers. Our simple administration agreements offer all the advantages of publishing and co-publishing arrangements without you, the writer, having to surrender your artistic rights.
You are the creative talent; we are the experts in pastoral care and administration. Our mission is to maximise your potential through a transparent and trusting partnership.
  • Personal attention
  • Small dynamic business
  • Diligent and efficient administration
  • Worldwide representation
  • Shopping, working and pitching
  • Copyright exploitation
  • New signings
  • Royalty collection & administration
We are people with experience and reputation. Our vision is for a flexible, fast acting and dedicated publishing company.
Six songs by Sly & Robbie and Lee Perry on Grammy album
"The Final Battle: Sly & Robbie Vs. Roots Radics" has been nominated for a Grammy as Best Reggae Album..   read more
Koffee's Grammy EP track by Vin Gordon and Frankie Campbell
"Rapture", Koffee's Grammy nominated album contains a track "Ragamuffin" co-written by Frankie "Comar" Campbell and Vin Gordon. It..   read more
Lukie D wows sold-out Brixton Academy in late night show
Lukie D, together with Luciano, Bitty McLean and Stevie Face put on a fantastic show in the near..   read more
Big tech companies trying to reduce songwriter royalties rise

There's a battle raging in the US where the large tech companies (except Apple) are appealing against the decision of the Copyright Royalty Board to increase mechanical royalty rates for songwriters by 40% over five years. The decision followed the trial in 2017 between the National Music Publishers' Association and the Nashville Songwriters' Association against the major streaming and big tech companies. This was the largest potential increase since the CRB's inception and would have given songwriters their best ever royalty rate. Now the big tech co's want to reduce this by a third so the NMPA is filing a notice of appeal to protect the CRB's decision - and needs the support of songwriters everywhere.

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