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Jack Russell Music - a new standard in contemporary music publishing
The company has a fresh and flexible style, providing a range of high quality songwriter services, responding to the needs of today’s writers. Our simple administration agreements offer all the advantages of publishing and co-publishing arrangements without you, the writer, having to surrender your artistic rights.
You are the creative talent; we are the experts in pastoral care and administration. Our mission is to maximise your potential through a transparent and trusting partnership.
  • Personal attention
  • Small dynamic business
  • Diligent and efficient administration
  • Worldwide representation
  • Shopping, working and pitching
  • Copyright exploitation
  • New signings
  • Royalty collection & administration
We are people with experience and reputation. Our vision is for a flexible, fast acting and dedicated publishing company.
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Why artists and writers remain underpaid in the streaming age

Eamonn Forde sets out the main reasons, using examples from recent interviews with David Crosby (the Byrds and CSN&Y) and Jody Gerson, CEO of Universal Music Pub. Basically, he contends that the considerable underpayment boils down to three main issues: labels need to agree to a lower cut of streaming royalties and pass it on to writers and artists; DSPs eg Spotify etc need to agree to a lower cut and pass it on in their turn; and consumers need to pay more.  If you wish to read the argument behind this, his full article is available as the Synchblog in the August 21 edition of Synchtank.



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